Friday, February 24, 2012

waaayyyyy back in 2006! :D

I was going thru my photos uploaded on Flickr which has been inactive in months and thinking of consolidating my photos in one place and deleting one or two accounts and I found this shot in 2006 using a built in camera in a phone...

way way back in 2006, i felt a deep urge to take photos or maybe it was implanted on me to have that urge, even just candid ones, even just for "lomo" style shots i had no DLSR of my own, no digital camera of my own just a measly 3 year old Nokia 3210 so i upgraded to a Sony Ericsson K800i so that i could have both a functionality of a phone and MY own small camera to capture those moments. I love nature and the creations that i see around me, maybe that's why i ended up at taking landscape shots instead of portraits of people, but the thing is we all have one thing in common, we love to see and capture beauty, may it be portraits, macros and landscapes.

We don't need expensive gears to take breathtaking shots as proven by many hobbyist, aspiring, and great photographers lingering somewhere out there just waiting to take the shots they need to make... you just need the passion.

but of course, if somebody will throw me a D800 or a 5DMKIII / X, imma gonna grab it without hesitation :P

the cute girl in the photo waaaaayyy back in 2006 is Iana my "inaanak" (godchild), shes pretty grown up now and still shy to me and to other relatives :)

wow, its been months or years that ive written something this long, hahaha :P

and now to continue my quest to consolidate my photos :P

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