Friday, February 24, 2012

waaayyyyy back in 2006! :D

I was going thru my photos uploaded on Flickr which has been inactive in months and thinking of consolidating my photos in one place and deleting one or two accounts and I found this shot in 2006 using a built in camera in a phone...

way way back in 2006, i felt a deep urge to take photos or maybe it was implanted on me to have that urge, even just candid ones, even just for "lomo" style shots i had no DLSR of my own, no digital camera of my own just a measly 3 year old Nokia 3210 so i upgraded to a Sony Ericsson K800i so that i could have both a functionality of a phone and MY own small camera to capture those moments. I love nature and the creations that i see around me, maybe that's why i ended up at taking landscape shots instead of portraits of people, but the thing is we all have one thing in common, we love to see and capture beauty, may it be portraits, macros and landscapes.

We don't need expensive gears to take breathtaking shots as proven by many hobbyist, aspiring, and great photographers lingering somewhere out there just waiting to take the shots they need to make... you just need the passion.

but of course, if somebody will throw me a D800 or a 5DMKIII / X, imma gonna grab it without hesitation :P

the cute girl in the photo waaaaayyy back in 2006 is Iana my "inaanak" (godchild), shes pretty grown up now and still shy to me and to other relatives :)

wow, its been months or years that ive written something this long, hahaha :P

and now to continue my quest to consolidate my photos :P

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

routinary + complacency are dangerous things

we all know practice makes perfect. we started at zero knowledge on something in a point in our lives, learning new stuffs as we acquire new things, the likes of learning how to bike without those additional two wheels at the back of the bike.... then progressing to riding the bike with no hands at all. a mentor of ours told us that he likes being uncomfortable in his work, it keeps him alert and at his toes, kept being challenged, challenge brings out the best out of him, challenged... brings out the hidden potential out of people, might be double edged sometimes, can be good and could turn out bad. at one point, we can and will experience a routinary loop for a while, when you think you know it all, all things around are easy, no challenge, no ripples in the water, thus being complacent.... and just one day.... disaster will strike, just because you think you know it all, you can predict anything that will happen and prevent it.... doesn't equate you having no problems to encounter, problems that can arise at that point and at that point you're dead center in the disaster zone. what I'm trying t point out is that, not to be complacent, not to be too over confident, just because you've been doing these thing for sometime now doesn't mean your not going to encounter problems along the way. my two cents, be alert at all times and not be complacent.. it can be the beginning and the end of something :D

just ranting out loud :P

Monday, April 18, 2011

if not now, when?

whooaa! ive been missin alot of music news lately, and i mean "a lot" since NU signed off :-|, dont know if its official yet but rumors has it that I.N.C.U.B.U.S. will perform again here in manila!!! Wohoooo!!!! :D i've missed the first two ones and im not plannin to miss this one agaiN, i hope :D

so what have we been up to? well to start it of, ive crossed upon yoga, :D hehehe yep, and how you might ask, coz its part of a routine in an exercise that im trying out, anyhow, doing yoga make me realize that i do really have flexibility problems :P in the program, there are some poses and salutations that are easy, and some are pretty hard like that crane pose, and that kneeling, while twisting while grabing the other hand pose! and it makes me think, will i ever master those poses, well i hope so :D

and also its officially summer!!!! wheW! we went to Baler the other week to do so light chasing at Bunga point and had breakfast at Bay's inn, noticed some kid on the shore surfing doing a headstand while surfing! hahaha asssteeeggg!!! and that what made me decide that i should try out and learn how to surf! in BALER! hopefully if time permits, hehehe :D

enjoy the summer everyone :D SURFS UP!!! :D
ingatz to all :D

Sunday, April 3, 2011

on pain killers, but sometimes we need the pain to see if we're not still dreamin...

both my arms are still sore, today was a little bit ok than the other pain, but still its akward that i can eve properly eat with a spoon and fork during meals, cant put my favorite choker on my neck, having a hard time to put my glasses on, IT HURTS! what did i do you might ask, just an exercise program, it i think my arms did really take a toll, considering it was only day 1 at least i can still type comfortably to shout out my rants :-|, hope the pain killers take effect!. ANYHOW.... ill stop whining..... April's here, at least i dodge an april fools joke on first day of the month. also had a last ditch effort to experiment on my tokina UWA lens in IR, tried all possible equipment combinations that i have and that i can think of... and sad to say.... tokina on IR is an EPIC FAIL :-\ oh well, just have to do with what we have :D

photo above is a shot of Hotel de Ville in Paris during our short roadtrip to France :D

from wiki: The Hôtel de Ville (French pronunciation: [otɛl də vil], City Hall) in Paris, France, is the building housing the City of Paris's administration. Standing on the place de l'Hôtel de Ville (formerly the place de Grève) in the city's IVe arrondissement, it has been the location of the municipality of Paris since 1357. It serves multiple functions, housing the local administration, the Mayor of Paris (since 1977), and also serves as a venue for large receptions. The Mayor of Paris is Bertrand Delanoë, since 2001. He was reelected in 2007 for a second six-year term.
It is located near the metro station: Hôtel de Ville.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


this shot was taken with a camera phone while in the metro of Paris, Etoile (e-twah-ley )station. :D

the weather seems to be wacked this days, as i was expecting it to be summer already, the climate change factor again cane into place, its raining! again? in march! kind of unusual to what we are accustomed in the past...

well, the week has been ok, sort of backing up the files ive accumulated in the past.... astonishingly... ive accumulated (with some of jpeg file albums copied from friends on trips and vacations) more than 80 GB of jpegs and RAW files since 2006 up to now! WOW! so it'll take 20 or more DVD's to back up these :-|, but, i dont mind :D, i love the hobby and it's whats keeping me sane and stress free :D

seriously now, i need to make time to EDIT THOSE TRIP PHOTOS..... @_@

Have a great week ahead!

Ingatz to all
pislabRaken'rol! :D

Sunday, February 13, 2011

i think its summer already :D

this shot was taken a year back, kicking of my trying hard Infrared Days, anyhow, I decided to re post process the shot again to a different color, summer yellow color!

I wish i had a 2 week vacation, just me, and the sand, and the friends, and the sunrise, and the sunset, and the camera, and just chillax under the summer afternoon breeze while drinking to a cool fruit shake....... Life :D

cant and donot want to sleep, because when i do... it'll be Monday again :-|

Sunday, January 23, 2011

6 elements of Mt. Pulag

Click This for a Larger View of the Photo

well, this is my first post of the year on this blog :D, the past 4 months, ive been really engaged in travelling to different places and using my gears, camera tools and hoping to hone my skills in taking good photographs... photographs of landscapes...

i still havent posted the past trips that we had, but i will have to post this first as this was a memorable and longest stay in the outdoors yet...

so our trip this past week was in Mt. Pulag, the summit of Mt. Pulag is 2,922 MASL, there were 14 of us in our journey to the summit. the weather was cooperative with our group not to mention that we were lucky than the other groups that have gone up the summit. we stayed in Camp 1 ( Babadak Ranger station on our first day ) after going to the breifing at DENR, the ride was rough, very rough... it was so rough that it was the first time i got a headache during rides. anyhow, we settled and make camp for the night at camp 1, it was raining that night, and our tent was having moisture control problems :D anyways, morning came, and i survived my first camping experince in a tent! wohoooo!!! hahaha :D

and so after eating a heavy breakfast, packed our things, got our strong porters, then we break camp and the long trek started, it was the longest trek i ever had, i think it was more than aprrox. 8 kms climb from camp 1 to camp 3 with no lunch stops in between, just rests and frequently munching cloud 9 and trail food, enjoying the view of Mt. Pulag and endless laughtrips and stories along the way.

so along the way to camp 3, we were greeted by climbers descending the mountain, and locals passing us by while we were trekking (newbie climber here :D) we passed by the mossy forest, then passed by the grasslands and alas! after several hours of trek, Camp 3!!! we settled our things, maked camp and got some rest... there was an optional sunset assualt, but due to bad lighting conditions, we just rested from the long trek we had :D

Fastforward to day 3 sunrise summit assault >> at the summit, it was FOGGYYYY!!!! :( anyhow, i did get some sunrise shot, but not that grand due to the fog... also, we did not get to see the sea of clouds at the summit due to the heavy fog, on the brighter side, we made it safe up to the summit and made it home safely also, and i survived my first Mountain Climb! hahaha :D and survived my first camping :D

The climb was a great experience for me, while descending Mt. Pulag, i was recording in my mind how granduer natures design was, i was thingking how few persons only see the beauty of that mountain, how one needs to slow down things in the busy stressful urban life, that you get to share these things and experience with friends and exchange exoerineces with them.

I salute our Team CL11 for conquering Mt. Pulag, and the fact that we were prepared to endure all that for the passion and the addiction to landscape photography :D

Till the next adventure guys and gals

Ingatz to all :D

PS. well... As for the 6 elements, its the grasslands, the mossy forest, the mountains you see, the sea of clouds, yourself, and your compainions during the climb :D (it's the 6 elements as per Me! :D have a nice Climb :D)